The world is becoming digital… why should your irrigation controller be any different! Although compact in size, several large features are packed into the DDC – making it extremely affordable for any residential application. Available in 4, 6, or 8-station models, the DDC features an exclusive, patent-pending virtual dial interface that guides a user through simple programming functions.


  • Toro exclusive “Digital Dial” technology simulates the simplicity of a mechanical dial
  •  Large LCD display
  •  3 independent programs, easily identified within “Digital Dial” interface
  •  3 start times per program
  •  1 to 240 minute run times with delay between stations
  •  Multiple watering days options
    • 365 day calendar
    • 7 day calendar up to 14 day interval
    • Odd/Even day watering, with 31st day exclusion
  • 0 to 200% Seasonal Adjust or Water Budget setting, in 10% increments
  • Manual program start
  • Semi-Auto feature to manually start programs stored in controller memory.
  • Built-in rain delay with sensor terminal hook-ups
  • Self-diagnostic circuit breaker identifies irrigation faults
  • “Arm Chair” programming with 9-volt battery power source
  • Programmable master valve
  • Convenient program review feature
  • Display with multi-language overlays (user selectable)
  • 5 Year program retention, with on-board coin battery
  • Default program if loss of power occur
  • Large terminal screws for easy installation and wiring
  • Quick reference card for programming assistance
  • 2 year warranty