The ESP-LXME provides flexible features and modular options that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including light-commercial, commercial, and industrial irrigation systems. Modular options include modular station capacity, flow sensing, metal case and pedestal, ETC Manager Smart Cartridge, and IQ™ v2.0 Central Control Communication Cartridges. These options are field installed and can upgrade and enhance the ESP-LXME at any time in the future.

Easy to Use

The ESP-LXME Controller utilizes the Rain Bird® ESP Extra Simple Programming user interface. The dial, switches and buttons interface which Rain Bird first introduced in
the 1980s is easy to learn and use and has become a standard controller interface for the irrigation industry. The large LCD display incorporates softkey text labels for the button functions rather than dedicated buttons.

Multiple language support allows the end-user or maintenance personnel to interface with the controller in their primary language. User selectable languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Date, time and unit formats are also user configurable.

Easy to Install

The ESP-LXME Controller has a spacious case and quick-connect terminals making installation fast and easy. Multiple size wiring knockouts are provided on the bottom and back side of the case to adapt to a wide variety of wiring applications. The
door and front panel are removable so the case can be easily mounted to the

Smart Approved Watermark

Rain Bird’s ESP-LXME controller has received the Smart Approved Watermark. Established in Australia and recognized worldwide, this elite designation identifies products and services that help reduce water use.

Contractor Default™

Create a customized default program that can be automatically recalled up to 90 days in the future. This allows a temporary schedule to be created for new seed or a fast fix.

Extra Simple Programming (ESP)

Make programming a snap, with a large easy-to-read display plus quick-programming features such as Rain Bird’s exclusive Program Review that shows more station settings at once so you can confirm your program faster.

Automatic Seasonal Adjust

Program seasonal watering adjustments for the entire year that can take effect automatically. Adjust by month or program.

Configurable Station Count

 The ESP-LXME is  configurable

    • Cycle+Soak™
    • Programmable Valve Delay
    • Sensor Override by Station
    • Master Valve by Station
    • Calendar Day Off
    • Total Program and Valve Run Times

    Reliable Surge Protection

    The ESP-LXME is constructed with heavy-duty surge protection standards to withstand electrical surges and lightning.

    Enhanced Diagnostic Feedback™ with RASTER™ Wiring Test

    External alarm light and on-screen messaging alert the user of conditions that may disrupt controller operation.

    Program Protection up to 48 stations. It has four bays that are capable of using
    either 4-station, 8-station or 12-station modules. 

    Flexible Programming Options

    Non-volatile memory retains programming for up to 100 years. Date and time retained for up to 10 years, so there is no need to return to the job site after a power outage.

    Removable Battery-Programmable Panel

    For easy programming prior to installation.

    Multi-Lingual Interface

    Features English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.


    FloManager™ manages hydraulic demand to make full use of available water and shorten total watering time.